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Welcome to  Max Reps Academy is an online community of certified educators dedicated to student improvement.   Based in Charleston, South Carolina, provides Low Country families access to a universal skill development network, providing training and student support in all subject areas.  Using proven time saving techniques, and cutting edge technology, is promoting and elevating the accomplishments of Low Country students, athletes & artists.



MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE is about community. Today’s student athletes and artists form the foundation for our future. believes all students possess multiple skill sets, all worth developing.  We also recognize the growing sacrifice of the families who support these young leaders.  People say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” is the solution, for today’s student athletes, artists, and the families who support them. is about collaboration. provides the secure platform for students, athletes, and artists to post, share, connect, and collaborate – in public or private forum. is a safe and secure social networking platform, providing all of the necessary safety, security, and professional features one would expect in an educative network community. exists to connect and promote area students, coaches, parents, and teams through verified, secure, and best of all ‘free’ online profiles. is your online Student Athlete & Artist Support Network. is about improvement. believes in maximizing ‘time on task.’   Each lesson, each drill will be modeled with this approach.  Through increased 1 on 1 training,  individualized objectives for each member, and performance based testing, is the best, easiest, and most affordable educational support solution.  Our family of certified educators is dedicated to maximizing student improvement at an accelerated pace.  Max Reps Academy is constantly seeking new ways to support families,  and reduce sacrifice of time and treasure.  Everybody wins. is about support. The purpose of our network is to support the public and private schools by creating an active ‘wellness’ community. will create a positive environment for academic, athletic, and artistic success.  Families of any demographic, through collaboration and community, will now have access to affordable tutoring, private coaching, music lessons, camps and clinics, all in one place. will provide students and their families  with the required platform, to actively search, and hire committed educators. is about opportunity. While most head coaches focus on the needs of ’team’ first, recognizes that ‘great teams’ are made of  ’excellent individuals.’   We also recognize that some students need more help than others.  No matter the age, skill level, or disability, will be their.  Whether your boy or girl is working to avoid that next cut list, or your teen is gunning for that full ride scholarship, will promote and elevate the successes of ‘your’ student athlete, or artist.  Each member profile will be complete with free video archives, trophy cases, security, and the ability to connect with the most fertile online recruitment community anywhere. is about safety. All coaches or tutors in the network must submit to a background check, full SLED check, and must be state certified educators with experience in their field.  All members contracting with must complete a specific application and verification process based on their specific group. will continue to make the safety and privacy of our community the hallmark of our network.

Welcome to the most ‘opportunistic and dedicated‘ improvement network in America; debuting right here in our Palmetto State.


Welcome to

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